Other activities

Riding Therapy

In therapeutic riding it is not the riding training that is most important, but the individual needs of each person. Through contact with the horse it is possible to achieve a favourable development of behaviour and perception. Therapeutic riding is a holistic method in which the horse reacts in the same way to our sensations, emotions and body.

Horse training

From giving hooves to riding. Every horse – just like every human – has its own character.
There are fearful and dominant, lively and rather phlegmatic, funny but also sad, cheeky and reserved, sensitive and rather rustic, very intelligent and less intelligent horses. And I would like to take all these qualities into account in my training. This means that the basic elements of training are always the same, the way I implement them depends on the horse. In order to guarantee a training which is permanent and sustainable, I involve the rider as much as possible in the training.
In the first phase of the training the rider has a more passive role, while in the second phase the practical training is more important.