Riding lessons

If you want to learn to ride in Mallorca, you need professional and experienced support from the very beginning. Whether it is for children or for advanced riders – even professionals train regularly with a riding instructor to develop their riding skills.

Group lessons for children

As soon as children are able to steer and control their horse, each riding student is assigned their own horse and the versatile training in the advanced groups begins. I attach great importance to a diversified basis and therefore train the children according to their age and riding abilities in both dressage and show jumping. Individual wishes are gladly taken into account and each child is allowed his or her own personal learning pace. In small groups the riders learn from the beginning how to use fine aids and gradually improve their influence on the horse. In addition to physical characteristics such as balance and coordination, assertiveness, patience and concentration are also trained.
Age-appropriate theoretical lessons are integrated into the weekly lessons according to requirements. An important part of this is, for example, social interaction with the horses, horse care before and after the lesson, as well as saddling and showing off, all integrated with theoretical lessons.

Private riding lessons

Riding lessons for adult beginners
and advanced